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Signature chess club Since 2017

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Welcome to Signature Chess Club, the leading Dubai Chess Club for students below 18 years. Since 2017, we have been passionately promoting chess in Dubai, offering exclusive classes taught by certified trainers with a stellar international reputation.

Our classes are tailored to each student’s skill level and learning style, ensuring the highest quality of learning experience. We are proud of our proven track record of producing champions who compete at various tournaments.

At Signature Chess Club, we believe that chess is a powerful tool for developing critical thinking and decision-making skills. By enrolling your child in our classes, you are giving them the gift of chess and helping them succeed both on and off the board.

Join us today and discover the world of chess. Contact us to learn more about our classes and how we can help your child become a champion.

At Signature Chess Club, we provide top-notch extracurricular activities to schools and ensure seamless operations at prestigious schools in Dubai such as Nord Anglia School, Dubai British School JP, Foremarke, and GEMS group.


At Signature Chess Club, we go beyond teaching chess. We are also a leading Dubai Chess Club that conducts tournaments at both local and international levels, with all necessary approvals from the federation. Our flagship tournaments, such as the GEMS National Championship and Dubai School Games, are held under the prestigious patronage of the UAE Chess Federation and the Dubai Chess Club itself.

Ready to make your move? Join our thrilling chess tournaments and showcase your skills on the grand stage. Register now and be part of the excitement!

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